Virginia Theological Seminary

1881 Memorial Garden

Disaster struck in October of 2010 when the Immanuel Chapel caught fire and the Seminary lost its central worship space that has served the Seminary since 1881. APM was charged with working with an esteemed team of professionals to develop an affordable solution that would pay homage to the venerable building as a fine example of Gothic architecture on a collegiate scale. The City of Alexandria took great interest in the ruins since it is on the National Register of Historic Places and sought aggressively to preserve as much of the ruins as possible, if not having the Chapel rebuilt. APM played a major role in determining what the cost-effective options were and developed many conceptual cost models to project the cost of preservation, and how best to balance that with the elegance of the ruin’s architecture and contemporary stabilization methods to satisfy the City and VTS.

"...thank you for your hard work on the Welcome and Worship Quad. There have been many moments when I have been conscious of your expertise keeping the whole project on track."

- The Very Rev Ian Markham, Dean and President, Virginia Theological Seminary

“The Board’s feeling about APM is very positive: after all, you brought ‘the heating and cooling project’ and the Butterfly House in on time and under budget. In addition, you are doing great work on the ‘Welcome and Worship Quad’. So please be assured the performance of APM is much appreciated”
– Ms. Heather Zdancewicz, Former Vice President for Administration and Finance, Virginia Theological Seminary