Construction Project Management

Design Process Management

The design process has the most profound effect on the project cost and timing. Matching the right design professionals to the project and establishing budgets and time objectives for these individuals are paramount in controlling the project schedule and cost.


Construction Planning

Important building details are developed long before construction begins on a facility. Having a construction manager on board early during preconstruction can make a huge difference in a project's success. A collaborative team can help you make the necessary decisions about the project's design intent, schedule, budget, materials, and more. 


The opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce costs and risk, and enhance a new or existing facility's capabilities go far beyond its construction. Our team offers a breadth of skills and knowledge unmatched in the industry and built upon 30 years of construction industry leadership. The result is a suite of resources that can be brought to bear as a fully integrated element of APM's construction management services. 


Procurement Management

APM provides progressive contract management and control process solutions necessary to administer contracts, subcontracts, and purchase orders. Our team brings unparalleled leadership and experience to developing proven procurement solutions, ensuring that our clients receive what it promised, when promised, in a timely, well-executed manner. 


APM effectively manages the procurement of large and small projects, creating top-to-bottom consistency throughout the entire logistics, delivery, and installation process.


Construction Phase Management

This phase is dedicated to the delivery of the construction project. It includes systems and procedures (construction management, QA/QC) to manage the construction and the delivery of the construction project.


The construction process is perhaps the most risk-laden phase of a project. Using our understanding of the construction process, we develop techniques that identify these risks and mitigate the Owner's exposure.


Risk identification and mitigation begin in the Design Process Management and Construction Planning phase by working closely with the design professionals to develop quality contract documents and a complete bid package that identifies the contractors' contract requirements.


During the Procurement Management Phase, ensuring that only the strongest contractors who are performance-oriented and problem-solvers participate further assures that they will carefully orchestrate and properly execute the process.



Quality Assurance and Control

Quality Assurance and Control are not just buzzwords at APM.  They are a true set of standards and assurances we put in place for each project that is tailored to the project's goods, services, and materials to achieve an exceptional outcome from a quality perspective each time. Our experience since 1994 on numerous project types is applied to assure that what we learned, often the hard way, never reoccurs on one of our projects.  From managing the quality of design documents or getting the perfect finish of your new space's focus wall, we take achieving first and ultimate quality as one of our major responsibilities.


Pre-Occupancy and Post Construction Services

Advanced Project Management has long provided a detailed Pre-Occupancy and commissioning Program for all of our projects.  This program is an integral part of the document development process and the quality control process during construction.  Giving forethought to the client's operational needs and abilities before the project is delivered and a high degree of quality control for mechanical and electrical systems ensures a smoother delivery and a trouble-free occupancy.


Budget and Contract Management

Budget and Contract Management is one of the pillars of strength of good Program, Project, and Construction Management. APM employs full-time Program and Project Accountants to develop and maintain detailed project budgets, spending forecasts, and accurate reporting on your project's financial status.  Each Accountant is trained in risk management and insurance and schooled in professional construction accounting methods to maintain budget compliance and offer a myriad of reporting.


Along with this critical skillset arises Contract Management.   APM applies a dual level internal control by having the Project or Construction Manager validate the work is completed, and our Accountants assure the work is in compliance with the contract terms, as well as the accounting before any transaction is processed.  Complete and comprehensive financial and contract management is certain with APM's systems and team.


Technology and Security System Coordination

The majority of projects require some degree of Information Technology and Security Systems coordination and integration. APM works closely with the Owner to assess their existing systems and the new or expanded systems' desired requirements. The critical component to successful IT and Security Systems is identifying and selecting the right consultants and vendors for the project.


APM oversees the design of the IT and Security Systems and their integration into the construction documents. Understanding the constraints of the project, Advanced Project Management will develop and coordinate the installation schedule with the general construction schedule and other vendors such as furniture, to make certain that there is a smooth transition for the Owner.


FF&E Coordination

Furniture, furnishings, and equipment play an essential role in most commercial and institutional building projects. They are often necessary to achieve the functional requirements programmed for interior spaces, and they reinforce the design concept of the building. By developing and managing the budget, selection, acquisition, and installation, APM provides their clients with a more comprehensive set of services. 


APM brings our FF&E services that support a major portion of the budget that may not otherwise be carefully considered until well late into the development process.  Experience the difference of having dedicated resources helps you and your design professional manage this process parallel with the design and construction, not after!