REIT Management and Research

20 Massachusetts Avenue

This project consisted of the façade and core renovation of an existing 350,000 SF building and streetscape at a total construction cost of $11.9 Million (in 2002). A new curtainwall system was installed on the first two floors of the street frontage and on eight floors of the east side façade, replacing the existing precast. The building’s life safety systems were replaced, and the elevators were refurbished to meet the present-day Code requirements. APM also oversaw the design and managed the procurement and construction process of approximately 380,000 SF of tenant improvements of this building. APM administered the bid process and preparation of the construction contract that was approximately 14% under budget. APM was able to surmount permit delays of ten weeks related to the District of Columbia’s protracted and cumbersome permitting process, and the building renovation completed in time for the projected tenant move-in date. The building is located in the District’s Downtown Streetscape Zone, requiring review and approval by the District’s Streetscape Commission. Despite the District revising the streetscape requirements mid-submission, APM managed the plan amendments and application resubmission leading to approval by the Streetscape Commission.