National Child Research Center

Addition and Renovations

The property is a large historic former residence in a historic residential neighborhood in N.W. Washington, DC. There are currently two structures on the lot: a main building, and a smaller one, known as the Playhouse. This project consisted of an addition and renovation of the main building with an elevator, and new work areas for teachers and staff were added. The construction also allowed classrooms to be removed from the third floor of the main building and will permit a reconfiguration of the existing six classrooms among the ground and second floors. The new construction re-orientated the school's entrance to the center of the main building, in keeping with its original design. Challenges: There is a significant grade change of approximately 20 feet from the rear of the site to the street level. This made bringing in construction materials and the maneuverability of vehicles limited. Due to the narrow community streets, utility locations, and the grade change, it was too close to use equipment for bringing materials to the site. There were also the constraints of working within the District's historic renovation permit process, and the impact on existing neighbors.