Vinson Hall, LLC

Arleigh Burke Pavilion

The most challenging aspect of this project was that the existing facility is operational twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. While renovating the 2nd floor Healthcare spaces, the areas were required to remain occupied during the course of the project; every aspect of the construction process affected the Owner’s daily operations, as well as, the residents’ lives. The original construction timeline was proposed as seven month duration, however, following much needed repairs to the above ceiling fireproofing creating extensive ceiling re-work, APM developed a plan with the Contractor in order to resequence the phasing plans which incorporated additional fire rated material into the scope of work extending the work schedule minimally by only two months. A longer phased and sequenced construction schedule was developed, which minimized the disruption to the overall facility operations and the residents’ lives by limiting the number of relocations of operations and existing residents to the fullest extent possible. This phased construction approach allowed the Owner and Contractor to cohabitate onsite in concert with each other throughout the duration of the project. -Managed Program and Design Development for Occupied Healthcare Renovation -Spearheaded Permit Procurement to Coincide with Project Work Phases -Minimized Impacts to Resident and Staff Throughout Construction Utilizing Phasing Plans -Renovation for Healthcare Units While Maintaining Owner Operations and Licensure -Established Swing Spaces to Each Work Phase in order to Maintain Healthcare Operations & Dining Services -Modified Work Phases to Incorporate Unforeseen Fireproofing Restoration Efforts to Minimize Overall Schedule Impacts -Coordinated Site Visits with State Agencies Throughout All Phases for Full Disclosure -Executed Furniture Installations in Common Spaces Prior to Turnover of Each Phase