Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads

Central Plant

This project consisted of removing and upgrading the Central Plant equipment while adding additional capacity for a new 3-story, 42,000 SF Health & Wellness Center facility. The existing Plant consisted of constant volume heating & cooling systems with two boilers and two chillers, which provided very little control high energy consumption. The new heating and cooling systems were designed as high efficiency, variable volume systems with nine modular boilers and two chillers. A sophisticated controls systems and variable frequency pumps were installed so that the bear minimum amount of equipment would run to meet the heating or cooling demand and would be sequenced on as demands increased. As the bid cost of the Plant upgrade was substantially over budget, APM led and managed a post-bid value-engineering exercise to develop multiple design options to be priced and negotiated with the low mechanical bidder. This included the preparation of life cycle analysis for the Owner to evaluate the first cost of each design option verses annual operation cost. The facility is occupied twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, a temporary boiler and chiller were required to keep system operational though the Plant upgrade. APM required the Contractor to start the work in the spring between the prime heating and cooling seasons in order to reduce the temporary utility usage cost for the temporary boiler and chiller. 1,100 Tons Cooling 27,000 MBH Heating