The Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia

Christ Shelter House Renovation

This project consisted of interior renovations to a Catholic Charities homeless shelter in a 100+ year-old building in the Old and Historic Alexandria District. APM provided their Professional Project and Construction Management services pro-bono in support of this project. As a part of the renovations, the sprinkler and fire alarm systems were upgraded to meet current codes, and the HVAC system was replaced. The primary focus of the remainder of the renovations was to drastically improve the quality of the living quarters on the second and third floors, which included new carpet, paint, light fixtures in the bedrooms; and gut and replace the bathrooms and laundry facilities. This project has some unique challenges. Retrofitting the new sprinkler system into the existing wood-framed structure proved difficult. APM closely coordinated with the GC, sprinkler subcontractor, and the City plan reviewer and inspection officials to achieve an acceptable system. Due to the age of the building, multiple existing conditions were discovered that required rapid solutions and corrections. At the beginning of construction, it was discovered that the building required a new 6" fire line to be installed from the main in the street. APM coordinated with the City to achieve approval, and then with Virginia-American Water Company to install the new line in a short time frame, to prevent an impact to the schedule.