World Wildlife Fund

Extensive Green Roof

World Wildlife Fund's mission is protecting the future of nature and is committed to promoting sustainable approaches of the use of renewable natural resources, and is dedicated to environmentally sensitive construction. As part of their LEED Platinum Program for their existing building, APM was called on to develop one of the larger green roofs in the Washington D.C. Area. A 5" retrofit extensive sedum green roof done in conjunction with a roof replacement to promote efficient use of resources, energy and the maximization of environmental benefits was the final result of many hours reviewing multiple concepts. WWF's green roof mission is to promote efficient use of resources and energy and the maximum reduction of pollution to provide a green habitat and nesting areas for urban birds, butterflies and other insects. The aim is to also restore the ecological and aesthetic value of urban open space and satisfying the aesthetic needs of people looking down upon the roof from adjacent buildings. The extensive sedum roof also provides environmental benefits such as heat island reduction, storm water management, some carbon off-set and possible particulates mitigation. The combination of various sedum species, specially formulated soil and a retention mat contributed to a 50% reduction in the amount of stormwater leaving the site (or 677,000 gallons/year). By reducing runoff, the green roof decreases the amount of contaminants that find their way to local water ways. Reduced runoff also helps decrease erosion and downstream flooding by decreasing the amount of water delivered to waterways during storm events.

Awards: 3rd Largest Green Roof in DC Metropolitan Area Managed by APM's Accredited Green Roof Professionals ~Built In Concert with LEED EB Platinum Certification