Goodwin House Alexandria


Due to the intermittent power outages and fluctuations that Goodwin House Alexandria experiences, there was a concern about having emergency power for their assisted care and skilled nursing facilities, the kitchen facilities to provide meals for residents 24/7 for 365 days a year, as well as a common room where air conditioning could be provided for those requiring more care during the power outages during the hotter times of the year. This project consisted of replacing the new 40+ year old 200 KW emergency generator for life safety systems and adding a second 300 KW emergency generator for operational systems. Emergency receptacles were installed throughout the corridors of assisted care and skilled nursing facilities as well as throughout the kitchen for kitchen equipment. The existing auditorium was renovated and a “Cool Room” was created by replacing the mechanical units connected to the building systems and providing two standalone variable refrigerant flow heat pumps. The heat pumps were connected to the building automation system, so daily events can be programmed into the system to raise and lower the temperature rather than manually doing it an hour before each event, thus providing energy cost savings.