Goodwin House Incorporated

Goodwin House Alexandria Renovations

The Center of Excellence provides a new, but connected, building dedicated to healthcare beds, as well as other amenities that could not be effectively satisfied within the constraint of the existing building. Moreover, the CoE utilizes Small House and Green House models of care that are considered more favorable than traditional care models. This new facility retains its continuity and connection with the overall facility by directly linking the existing building’s commons with new common amenities on the first floor. The first floor also includes a 10-bed memory support house designed as a supportive setting where residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia can feel confident, secure, and comfortable. The second through fifth floors have two 10-bed houses each. An additional 40 underground parking spaces was added to the campus, and the building has an extensive green roof to compensate for the absorption of open space and to assist in storm water treatment. One of the best features of this project was the ability to build a new healthcare space without affecting residents that populate the existing spaces.

"APM negotiated and steered the resolution to successful completion and to the betterment for Goodwin House, Incorporated."
– Mr. Harry Baldwin, Executive Director Goodwin House Alexandria “Thanks for your terrific oversight of this project.” (related to cash outflow planning and scheduling) “All of the positive indicators in terms of time and money are a direct result of your involvement in the financial management of these two very complex projects.” – Mr. David Baker, Director of Operations, Goodwin House Alexandria