Vinson Hall Independent Living Building

Green Roof

Due to the juxtapositioning of the new Independent Living Building and Community Building to the existing residential building, their roofs are one to two floors below the top floor apartments and easily seen. In order to enhance the site lines from the existing apartments, reduce the heat island effect, and decrease the stormwater runoff, extensive American Hydrotech green roofs were installed on both new buildings. These roofs contained various sedum species planted in a specially formulated light weight soil to provide a lush multi-colored carpet of foliage over the roofs. There are three outdoor terraces on the fourth and fifth floors of the Independent Living Building, which are framed with extensive green roofs as well to enhance the terraces’ ambience. Building generate heat due to the mechanical systems inside them, which create heat islands that are 3-10 degrees greater than part of the natural surroundings and also demand increased energy to keep the buildings cool. By installing an extensive green roof, the roof is insulated with soil and plants and the heat island is greatly reduced. The green roofs retain 50% to 80% of a typical rainfall on the roof, which allowed a reduction in the size of other stormwater BMP structures and facilities onsite.