Wesley Theological Seminary

Library Renovation

The Wesley Theological Seminary Library consists of 15,269 SF over three floors: two above grade and one below. Constructed in the late 1950s the Library has undergone some minor renovations over the years and needed an interior upgrade.

"If it were not for APM, we would not be building this residence hall. We are grateful for all that APM has done and are looking forward to a continued successful partnership."

"Your input and management of the project, especially your ability to be flexible and to address issues with a variety of stakeholders, was invaluable…we were especially pleased that we were able to complete the project within the budget."

“I wanted to also take this opportunity to thank you for all the excellent support and care that you have given to Wesley and to me! I continue to be grateful that you were our project managers.”
– Ms. June Stowe, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Wesley Theological Seminary