INOVA Health Systems

Life with Cancer Family Center

Life with Cancer Family Center is part of the Inova Family of Health Care located in the Pennell Street Development site. This project consisted of a three level office building and the development of a contemplation garden. This residential scale building is for non-medical use, and for teaching purposes on how to live with cancer for patients of all ages. It includes a kitchen for teaching patients how to eat healthy, play rooms for children, a fitness center, and meeting spaces. Challenges: This project was built in conjunction with the Pennell Street Site Development, also managed by APM. There was coordination of the PSD and LWC under the same general contractor but with two separate contracts, in concert with each other. APM’s expertise is dealing with the challenges of managing multiple and complex projects simultaneously. APM Axiom No. 1 Listen to and observe the client and the client’s representatives. As a result, formulate a program tailored around the client and its supporting team needs and objectives.