Gonzaga College High School

Phase IV Student Commons

This Phase presented a new challenge of constructing a building basically in the “hole of a donut” as the new Student Commons building was completely surrounded by existing buildings, except for one 12’ wide opening. The building's footprint was the main pathway between the classroom buildings, cafeteria, gym, library, and administrative offices, so APM developed a circulation strategy and construction staging plan to minimize the disruption to staff, teachers, and students. As a result, APM delivered an impressive infill project that provided modern dining and kitchen facilities, new gathering areas, much better vertical communication between multiple buildings, and a facility that now serves as the crossroads for student life on the Gonzaga Campus. Since 1998, APM has managed 14 consecutive projects for Gonzaga, delivered on time and on budget. The project included restoration of the existing Victorian Style Theatre to incorporate state-of-the-art technology, a new Theater Support Building that connects to the existing Theater; Dooley Gym renovations to create a new ergonomics room with new lighting, HVAC systems, Kohlmann Electrical Room and Electrical Utility Installation; renovations and addition to the existing Gymnasium, including a new three-story structure with locker and weight room facilities, Auxiliary Gym with an extensive green roof (Concept AA); and a new egress corridor in Forte Hall.

“The services that APM provided allowed me to focus on my primary responsibilities of handling ongoing business affairs of our institution. Your firm’s approach to the project provided us with quality input and accurate and timely budgets. We look forward to continued successful relationship.”
– James W. Rogers, VP of Finance and Administration, Gonzaga College High School