Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads

Semi-Intensive Green Roof

Due to the new Health & Wellness Building and Independent Living Tower being constructed in the footprints of the existing parking lots, underground parking garages were constructed, which then left the interior of the site with a harsh and bare concrete appearance. In order to soften the harshness of the concrete structures, intensive green roof planters were designed around the entire site. The Porte Cochere is flanked by 42” high planters containing trees, perennial bushes and plants, and flowers. These planters not only soften the appearance of the building, but also provide screening for the outdoor dining terrace and a contemplative space outside the Chapel. Several islands were constructed in the main entrance drives to the two new buildings to separate the traffic flow and provide a more welcoming appearance with large bushes and ground cover. Five foot square by 48” tall tree planters were constructed overtop of the garages to address the regulatory parking lot landscape requirements. Intensive green roof planters flank an outdoor terrace to screen the view of the loading dock and mechanical equipment located one story below. These planters contain shade trees, rose bushes, evergreens, and hostas. Lastly, intensive green roof planters containing large bushes and perennials were constructed at a second floor terrace to provide the skilled nursing residents a place to be one with nature due to the lack of mobility. A special blend of lightweight soil was utilized in the planters greater than 24” in order to reduce the weight and load on the structures.