Gonzaga College High School

St. Aloysius Historic Restoration

St. Aloysius Catholic Church is located within the campus boundaries of Gonzaga College High School. The Church was listed on the D.C. inventory of Historic Sites and in the National Register of Historic Places. The Church was constructed from 1857-1859 in the Renaissance Revival style and is the City’s second oldest Catholic Church. This project consisted of sealing the entire façade following an extensive cleaning and repair process of the masonry. The Church’s bell tower endured fire damage in the mid-1950s with significant structural repair performed at the time; however, the masonry brick was never fully restored until this project was managed by APM. As this project was under the City’s historic purview, appropriate care and regulatory procedures were taken to ensure the project was properly permitted with the Historic Preservation Department and fully documented throughout the closeout process to satisfy the City’s historic requirements.

“The services that APM provided allowed me to focus on my primary responsibilities of handling ongoing business affairs of our institution. Your team's approach to the project provided us with
quality input and accurate and timely budgets. We look forward to continued successful relationship.”
– Mr. James W. Rogers, VP of Finance and Administration, Gonzaga College High School