St. Coletta of Greater Washington

St. Coletta School

St. Coletta School was the planned expansion of St. Coletta of Greater Washington to better serve the needs of students with disabilities who live in the District of Columbia. The new School consists of approximately 100,000 SF of new construction, including classrooms, a large central meeting area, gymnasium, cafeteria, and administrative offices. The project also included an extensive site development program that includes the construction of 20’ high retaining walls to level the site for development, a bus drive, outdoor classrooms, as well as the infrastructure needed to support the new facility. APM led the development effort to build this new campus and bring the first new development to the District’s Reservation 13, a 67-acre development scheduled for urban renewal projects under the District’s Master Plan. APM led the zoning, planning, and construction efforts on this site to deliver this new facility that supports many of the District’s special needs students. Today, St. Coletta represents that state-of-the-art in teaching children with cognizant and learning disabilities has become a vital part of the community and stands as a reminder to others what is possible and viable in the urban renewal front.

“We would not have a facility like this if not for APM. They stood up for us, and they stood up to us, to shape this building and budget. Anyone who walks these halls has to agree that the process APM lead us through resulted in shaping an incredible building.”
– Chip Calloway, Chair of the Board

Awards: 2006 Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Awards- Thermal & Moisture Protection 2006 New York Times Publication: A Building With A Mission November 2006 Issue2006 Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Awards - Structural Steel Framing 2006 Washington Business Journal Best Real Estate Deal of 2006, Community Impact