World Wildlife Fund

Tenant Interiors 1st Floor South

The 1st floor south project consisted of two components: first, the relocation of a datacenter to the 1st Floor of approximately 1,200 SF. Second, the renovation also included approximately 8,000 SF of general office space with demountable partitions, conference rooms, and a storage room. This space achieved LEED Commercial Interiors Platinum Certification. The datacenter is cooled by a 15-ton chiller located on the south penthouse on the green roof. There were three main challenges: One was the intricate design for the datacenter to serve WWF’s high standards of data performance and record keeping. A second challenge was safely lifting the 15-ton chiller up eight floors to the top of the roof in one of the highest trafficked cities. This required proactive planning for the delivery and installation, while maintaining traffic flow and pedestrian safe passage. The final and most vital challenge was the physical relocation of the datacenter from the 4th floor to the 1st floor, dismounting, and disconnecting the heart of WWF while keeping alive and running just enough to reboot its systems in its new home and incorporate it with its upgrades.

"Michael is the magic man when it comes to project management services. Michael was a key person in transforming our space on 1, creating our exquisite green roof and exploring solar power options. He’s extremely knowledgeable about construction, keeps subs on track, and he is who you want by your side when it comes to negotiations. He’s a valuable person to maintain contact with for future large scale projects. "
– Hermione Phillips, LEED AP Former Director, Facilities & Administration, World Wildlife Fund