Episcopal High School

Townsend Hall

This is a 100-year-old building is the center of activity with the dining hall for three meals a day for the entire campus. Construction of Townsend Hall was comprised of three (3) areas of work: The first, demolition of existing 3-story 18,000 SF Williams West Wing Classroom Building and construction of the new 3-story 25,000 SF Townsend Hall Classroom Building. The second part of the work was the renovation of the third-floor space above, and the third area of work was the third floor of Hoxton. Both of these spaces together are 4,500 SF and were completely renovated, including interior walls, flooring, ceilings, and supplementary structural work in the ceilings. The Temporary Dining Facility consisted of seven sea-containers that made the temporary kitchen and one separate sea-container as the dishwashing station. All eight containers required utility tie-ins and covered walkways for staff to move between the containers and the Blackford Servery.

“APM has been a valued partner in over $60 million of capital projects here at Episcopal High School the past 8 years. In each project, we bring them on board at the very beginning to help us define scope, determine budget, select and negotiate contracts with architects and general contractors and then to deliver a project on budget and on time.”
- Mr. Boota de Butts, Chief Financial Officer, Episcopal High School

“I wanted to write a note to let you know how appreciative I am of you and your team’s efforts for the delivery of Townsend Hall. I know (as does everyone at EHS that worked on the project) the building would not have delivered on time with the high quality work product if it had not been for your team. Your dedication and commitment to EHS was evident in all aspects of the project. Thank you very much for your partnership on this project! It is a building the whole team can be proud of.”
– Ms. Sarah Knutson Vice President, Development Episcopal High School