Gonzaga College High School

West Campus Expansion Phase

The project included restoration of the existing Victorian Style Theatre to incorporate state-of-the-art technology, a new Theater Support Building that connects to the existing Theater; Dooley Gym renovations to create a new ergonomics room with new lighting, HVAC systems, Kohlmann Electrical Room and Electrical Utility Installation; renovations and addition to the existing Gymnasium, including a new three-story structure with locker and weight room facilities, Auxiliary Gym with an extensive green roof (Concept AA); and a new egress corridor in Forte Hall.

"Gonzaga College High School and APM have enjoyed a fruitful relationship for over 10 years."

- 2008 (Rev.) Allen P. Novotny, S.J., Former President, Gonzaga College High School
“…I'm very pleased with APM…fact, just yesterday Jim Rogers and I were talking about how pleased we are with APM and the support you provide for us. “
– Rev. Stephen W. Planning, SJ President, Gonzaga College High School